I’m MA in clinical and counselling psychology, and MSc in cognitive neuroscience; two fancy titles I ended up with for dedicating myself to what I love the most: to understand the human mind, the experience of life, and happiness.


If you’re going through some major life change, or you’re willing to make one happen, and you want to build some mental strength and have some peace of mind, stick around, I’ve got good news for you: I’m here to help and I know you can do it.

Rachel James, UK.

“Ana’s advice and techniques have transformed my mindset completely. When we started working together, I had spent years unsuccessfully trying to adopt new habits, manage my time, and commit to my goals and passions, feeling like life (and my dreams) were passing me by. Through Ana’s guidance, I’ve become so much more self-aware, grateful, mindful, and definitely happy! I shifted from feeling stuck and in “escape mode” at my corporate job, whilst constantly distracted and stressed when spending time with my toddler, to gaining tremendous clarity over my goals (personal and business), making personal development a part of my daily routine, and finally managing my time effectively. Changes which I thought could only be accomplished with an enormous upheaval of my circumstances actually only took some subtle and consistent work, which continues to yield amazing results.

Ana’s work has been invaluable in helping me to step out of my own way, and allow myself to be truly happy right now – exactly as I am, whilst also feeling satisfied that I’m crafting and creating the future of my dreams.

It was such a pleasure to work with Ana (especially as she’s such a lovely person), and I’m so happy to carry on the relationship in The Greenhouse online mentoring group!”

Here’s a comment about The Greenhouse, my online mentoring group:

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If you’re feeling like your brain needs a break, give yourself 10 minutes of mindfulness with this 10-minute audio track I recorded for you.

If you’d like to know more about how you can nourish your brain, here are 40 suggestions of activities that will get your brain’s “juices” flowing.

If you’re up for a 5-day journey with me to understand better what motivates you to change and what hold’s you back, then have a go at this 5-part video series.

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