Meghan Currie Yoga

A weekend of yoga with Meghan Currie

The expectations were building up for weeks. I was going to be practicing a whole weekend of yoga with Meghan Currie for the first time, and it was going to be in my dear home town – Lisbon.

After counting the days and flying all the way from Sweden, not surprisingly I was the first to arrive.

(Funny world, not long after that came Puk, a Swedish yoga teacher living in Portugal.)


I was ready to be taken on a journey and that was exactly what I got from Meghan.

Riding the breath in a really yummy flow, you’re gracefully guided into the most silent part of yourself, peeling the layers of your subconscious bodymind, visiting the spaces within yourself that, being dark or bright, are all recognized and appreciated for what they are. Rational labels are replaced by the nonjudgmental grace of observation of What Is.


If you’re considering practicing with Meghan, don’t think twice, go.



Meghan Currie Workshop Lisbon 2015

Meghan’s workshop in Lisbon, June 2015.


What a cozy place for the soul, laying in savasana, being taken home by Meghan’s hand.


You can hear the first 25 minutes of one of those sessions, from that weekend -> here.










“The current training of our mind is to see, identify and control that which is moving. So every time there is a fluctuation, our minds, identify what it is, put a label on it so that therefore it is understood. Mind then files it away, or stores it in a jar on a shelf in a closet in our subconscious mind which lives woven through every single layer of our bodymind.

Here what we will do is open up all the doors and windows. Open up all the old storage lockers the old jars the old collections, and begin to air out. Air out old belief patterns, old imprints, it’s like spring cleaning. Your work is to remember the curiosity of arriving to some new place and allowing that place to be as it is. Then you turn a corner and you arrive at a new place, and allow that place to be as it is. And through the power of your observation and allowance of what is, you are giving your body-mind the greatest gift of processing information. Of digesting the back log.”



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