My name is Ana Sofia, and I’m the heart and soul of all you’ll find around here.

“Ana” stands for grace, “Sofia” stands for wisdom. “Se” is for Sweden.


Happiness is at the core of my interests. I spent almost ten years of formal academic training, becoming M.A. in Clinical and Counselling Psychology and M.Sc. in Cognitive Neuroscience, to understand what happiness is made of.


Interested in nurturing my well-being, I’m an advocate for body-mind awareness, and meditation and yoga are a natural integral part of my life.

How I ended up here

Faced with a quarter-life crisis, a few years ago, I packed my life in one bag and moved from my homeland Portugal to Sweden in pursuit of living a more meaningful life. Closer to nature, where I could plant and nurture the seeds of my dreams.
Here up North, between saunas and skinny lake dips; I studied in some of the top universities in the world, slept in 8m2 rooms, taught yoga, helped change lives, and saw the Northern Lights. Inspired by life’s magic, I kept trusting the inherent possibilities of uncertainty and, little by little, making dreams come true.
After living the dream of calling home to a beautiful wooden house on a waterfront, working as a self-employed yoga teacher and working online on a coaching business, I decided it was time to change my life again, try something new, and take another significant step forward in my personal and professional development.
Today, I’m working as a management consultant specialised on leadership and communication, with a company I feel proud to work for and who gives me the platform to create more connections, influence more people, and continue to challenge and develop myself.

This blog

Is a series of posts with reflections, advice, or simple histories, of what is relevant to me. Mostly:
Body-mind connection
The importance of taking care of our body if we want to have a healthy mind, and vice-versa. And the awakening of how much one influences the other and what we can do to make that relationship, and life, one of success.
Emotional intelligence and empatic accuracy
How we can create and maintain better relationships, what influences our understanding of each other, and what takes to make more meaningful connections?
Processes of change and thrive
The only permanent aspect of our lives is permanence. How can we be friends with change and embrace it to thrive?

My Story – In 1081 words


If you’re curious to know a little more about my journey you can read this blog post where I tell about when I as a dancer, or a bass player, the times I went to study some monkeys in the Mexican jungle, some other not-so-high times, or what brought me to Sweden.


At 34 years old today, I feel like I’m exactly at the right place at the right time, and what brought me here was a mixture of passion, faith, curiosity and courage, surrender to life’s incredible randomness and a very good dose of trust.

Always, trust.

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