Yoga for the back and neck | Short beginners video

Yoga For The Back And Neck (short video)

This is a short yoga practice, focused on the back and neck, for those of you who want to give your body a little stretch after waking up, and start off your day just right....

POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY - Free Resources Library

Free Feel Good Resources Library

I've been meaning to create something like this for a while. Finally, I managed to get together some of my resources for you to start taking some steps towards positive life changes....

Positive Psychology | Good Life Tips - What's your favorite way to relax?

What’s Your Favourite Way to Relax?

We’re all enjoying the weekend the best we can (I hope), and I’m curious to know, what’s your favourite way to relax?   It’s really important that we give our brains, our minds and our bodies a break from the constant rush...

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