How To Stop a Bully From Ruining Your Day

How To Stop A Bully From Ruining Your Day

This is one of those stories that, even if it doesn't deserve my attention, I have decided to share it here on the blog because I believe it's not an uncommon experience in the big cities,...

Negative Emotions | Positive Psychology | Emotional Response | Good Life Tips | Happiness

The Healthy Way Of Dealing With Negative Emotions

How many times have you and told yourself you’re not supposed to feel the way you feel? Or you faked a smile to hide away your sadness, pushed yourself to feel good, and ended up feeling even worse?...

POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY - Free Resources Library

Free Feel Good Resources Library

I've been meaning to create something like this for a while. Finally, I managed to get together some of my resources for you to start taking some steps towards positive life changes....

Positive Psychology | Psychological fitness - simple practices for a good life.

Psychological Fitness – Simple Practices

You’ve been told that meditating is great, but you can’t seem to find yourself able to sit still in silence for more than 30 seconds without remembering something that you MUST do. Or you can meditate, but you’re...

valentine's day ana sofia batista

One idea that made me like Valentine’s Day

In fact, this blog post should be called "One idea that made like Valentine's Day and all other yearly massive consumption celebrations" because, let's be honest, it's not just Valentine's Day that's annoying. It's kind of annoying to celebrate just...

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