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Free Feel Good Resources Library

I’ve been meaning to create something like this for a while. Finally, I managed to get together some of my resources for you to start taking some steps towards positive life changes.


I have put together a list of 10 resources, including a 5-video series (counting as one resource), meditation tracks, and exercises for you to explore more about your life at the moment, your dreams for the future, and develop ways to feel more positive and focused right where you are, right now.


More specifically, here’s what you get inside inside:


  • How to change your life: a 5-video series
  • Are you sitting too comfortably? (coaching exercise)
  • Goals motivator (coaching exercise)
  • The wheel of life (coaching exercise)
  • Daily gratitude (positive psychology exercise)
  • Three good things (positive psychology exercise)
  • 5 minute mediation (audio track)
  • 10 minute meditation (audio track)
  • Meditation for symbols (audio track)
  • 40 nourishing activities for the brain (printable)


Curious to try some of these?


Go ahead and subscribe my newsletter to access. Plus, I’ll be sharing tips on positive psychology every single week!


See you on the other side




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