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Got some love on my mailbox!

Hi everyone, I’ve been traveling from Portugal to Sweden and, in the meantime, my online mentoring group just kicked off at The Greenhouse and I must say that group is bursting with positive energy.

Now, that I’m back home, and things have settled a bit, here’s something super sweet I want to share with you.

As I got home, I found the most beautiful and kind expression of appreciation of my work on my mailbox.
There was a beautifully framed picture from one of the “greenhouse gardeners” (she’s a very talented photographer), and a card with these words:


“Thank you for all your support this year! You helped me to be my better self and I wouldn’t be where I am without you, so thank you with all my heart! Love, Edita 2016”.


It makes all effort worthwhile and brings an extra dose of motivation to keep doing the work, with even more Love and even more Inspiration.



Curious to know more about the Greenhouse? Check it out here.

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