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One idea that made me like Valentine’s Day

In fact, this blog post should be called “One idea that made like Valentine’s Day and all other yearly massive consumption celebrations” because, let’s be honest, it’s not just Valentine’s Day that’s annoying. It’s kind of annoying to celebrate just because the calendar says we’re supposed to celebrate and all around there’s an explosion of junk being put in front of our noses to remind us that we need to buy something if we want to belong to the tribe.


And here’s another Valentine’s Day.


So you have 2 choices:

  1. either you celebrate it in a loving way, making a small (or big) gesture to let your loved ones know once again they’re loved (because it’s never enough to keep reminding them). Or
  2. (what I chose many times) get annoyed at the date and take the standing point to dislike it.



There is, in fact, a bunch of reasons to get upset about Valentine’s Day. Here’s just some:


  1. You don’t have a “Valentine” to celebrate with and it just reminds you of your singleness;
  2. You have a “Valentine” but you don’t really feel like celebrating just because the calendar says so;
  3. You just celebrated a Valentine’s Day and you can’t understand how come there’s already another one here to celebrate.


But this year, instead of just being grumpy with the date, I got a little more curious to understand what’s the pagan reason behind this celebration in particular. I mean, they all have their hidden meanings under the noise of consumption, and it’s often to understand that meaning that makes me come to like these yearly celebrations. The connection between what’s happening in nature and how we mark those important happenings.


So it seems like Valentine’s Day is the day that birds propose or get married,
and it marks the beginning of Spring, when all plants and flowers begin to grow.


And suddenly all makes sense. There is meaning behind the madness and it does make for a perfect reason to celebrate with some warmth, after these long cold days of winter.



So why not go ahead and share some love?

Cut with the junk, cut with the  grumpy.


Want a little suggestion?

How about offering some food to the grooms? Get some bird food and hang it on a tree. That’s to me the very best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and I’m sure they’d appreciate.


If you’re single and feel like this is the loneliest day of the year, take it easy. Here’s a little sweet video for you, to remind you of the beauty of being alone.



And if Valentine’s Day still feels uncomfortable, think of this: the name Valentine means brave, courageous, healthy and strong, and that’s why it fits so perfectly with this celebration. Because it does take strength and bravery to choose love. For yourself first, and all others, as one.




So tell me, how’s Valentine’s Day for you? How do you celebrate it?

Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.


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