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What’s Your Favourite Way to Relax?

We’re all enjoying the weekend the best we can (I hope), and I’m curious to know, what’s your favourite way to relax?   It’s really important that we give our brains, our minds and our bodies a break from the constant rush and to just simply relax....

Japanese advise on decluttering and tidying

My astrological sign is cancer and for me everything is associated with a memory, and the tendency is to keep every single one of them. Not just the good.   But since I moved to Sweden with nothing more than a suit case and a heart full...

valentine's day ana sofia batista

One idea that made me like Valentine’s Day

In fact, this blog post should be called "One idea that made like Valentine's Day and all other yearly massive consumption celebrations" because, let's be honest, it's not just Valentine's Day that's annoying. It's kind of annoying to celebrate just because the calendar says we're...

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