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Superfood Coffee Substitute: Chaga Bulletproof Coffee

I do love a nice cup of warm coffee in the morning, but I don’t want to be addicted to it. First, because I know coffee isn’t the most healthy thing to be feeding my body with daily, and secondly because don’t want to be addicted to anything in life.
So in the search for the perfect substitute for coffee, the Universe got in charge and introduced me to Nabalo‘s Instagram account. Soon after I won a giveaway, she was promoting, and she sent me home a bag of Chaga mushrooms, an immune-boosting superfood.
Chaga mushrooms were unknown to me until then, but I was apparently missing out on something grand here. Some of the said benefits of this kind of mushrooms are:
1. Prevention and even treatment of cancer;
2. Stimulation of the immune system;
3. Potent anti-viral properties;
4. Reduction of inflammation;
5. Improvement physical endurance.
And it is often used as a substitute for coffee! Bingo!
On my explorations of how coffee can be taken more healthily, I got across the Bulletproof coffee, which claims (is proven?) to enhance your brain function by adding a small amount of fat (grass-fed cows butter, and coconut oil or brain octane oil) to your coffee. Some of the benefits of the traditional bulletproof coffee are (according to the inventor, David Asprey):
1. Can help with fast weight loss;
2. Is high in healthy fats;
3. Can help keep your brain healthy;
4. Helps boost your energy;
5. Tastes great without added sugar, etc.
Combining the bulletproof coffee with the Chaga mushroom, we have my most recent favorite morning drink:
The Chaga Bulletproof Coffee!
Here are all the ingredients:
1,5 tsp of Chaga powder (or the equivalent in mushroom chunks)
1 tsp of organic grass-fed cow’s butter
1 tsp of coconut oil (or brain octane oil)
1/2 tsp of cinnamon
1/2 tsp of vanilla (I’m using bourbon vanilla powder)
Nut milk of choice
1 or 2 fresh dates to sweeten
Boil the Chaga for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
(Some people say that you can boil them for two hours, but since I don’t want my morning coffee to take 2 hours to makes, I cook them just for 15 minutes and reuse them for a couple of times.)
After that time, I add a little bit of the Oatly milk for coffee to warm it up.
(This is not an ad to Oatly, I just really like their stuff!)
Then join all the ingredients in your smoothy maker and let it blend for at least 20- 30 seconds.
Use a drainer to retain any small pieces of the Chaga and dates and enjoy this deliciously creamy and healthy alternative to coffee!
If you don’t have any Chaga mushrooms, you can also try everything with regular coffee instead, and feel the difference between everyday coffee and this superfood version.
Have you had any experience with Chaga mushroom bulletproof coffee, or with regular bulletproof coffee?
Let me know in the comments; I’d love to know!

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