That place of Happiness

When life is so sweet to you, you can’t really complain on anything because you’re too busy contemplating and being grateful for all the miracles around.

That’s the state. Open, grateful, graceful, receptive.


It’s all just a dream anyway.


Filmed on October 7th, 10 degrees outside, my new porch.

Did I just wrote that? “My new porch”? Yes.



If I didn’t already believed in miracles, these last 2 months have been an incredible reminder of the power of dream and intention.

Some of the things I have been dreaming about for some time now, and I thought were so far from happen, have all came my way, unexpectedly and all at once, in less than 2 months, like a wave of life’s manifestation.

I believe now, more than ever, that every tiny little drop counts when you’re trying to fill up the glass of your dreams. Every action in the direction of your vision counts.

Life’s time is too precious for the mind to wander away from what the soul wants.


If you’re dreaming it, make it happen.

One tiny, simple step at a time.




Ana Sofia



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