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Turning 30 – 7 Life Lessons I’ve Learned

Turning 30 was a little emotional storm for me. I was attached to the idea of being in my 20’s and afraid of turning 30 without having the perfect life I dreamed I would have by then. I imagined I would have the perfect family, the perfect job and the perfect house, all by the age of 30. Yeah, sure.

Here’s what happened: I completed one master’s degree, and another, but got no perfect job. I had one first love and a second, but no perfect family.

Then I started to practice meditation and yoga, and moved out of my country to stepped into a non-comfort zone, into a completely different culture. That’s when things really started to happen.

Here’s some important live lessons I’ve learned so far:


1) Everything you put your attention on  e x p a n d s

  • Being that attention focused on positive or negative things or situations, looking at things makes them real. If every thought I think, every word I say, and every thing I do are the pieces I’m building my life with, I want to focus all my attention on my dreams. You know, all that stuff about vision boards and such? I’m all for it.


2) Positive brings positive

  • This is why I try to keep my vibration high. If the word vibration make you itchy, substitute for energy, or your physical and mental wellbeing. Taking good care of my body, mind and environment is how I create a fertile ground for good things to sprout. You will not see me watching any kind of violence, whether in the form of a movie or  some war news, but you will see me taking care of some happy growing plants. See what I mean? Nice and clean.


3) The world is but a mirror

  • This one is sometimes hard to remember when live isn’t going “as planned”. The tendency is to avoid taking responsibility for what goes wrong and only take the credits for the good stuff. But here’s the thing, it’s all just a reflection of ourselves. Everything I have put into the world the world has given me back. All the good stuff and the bad stuff. Call it or not karma, I have experienced it over and over again, what goes around comes around.


4) Emotions are a life compass

  • It’s hard for me to be positive all the time, but if something continuously feels wrong, that something must go. Whether it is a job situation, a relationship or some old clothes in the closet waiting for the day when maybe-it-would-be-good-to-use. Emotions serve as an indicator of direction. A decision compass. If it feels good it’s a keeper, if not, it’s out. Btw, Danielle Laporte has a really cool book on how to be guided by emotions – The Desire Map – check it out if you’re interested.


5) I am enough

  • A very powerful affirmation that so often can be so hard to believe in. The fear of failure and self judgment can be such a huge obstacle to the power of creativity that it can literally trap you into a living prison of stagnation. It’s not easy being vulnerable but I have found that exposing myself has made life much more enjoyable and worth living than hiding behind the walls of fear.


6) Life is about change

  • One of the most important life lessons I have learned to this day is the recognition of Change as a major life principle. Embrace it, celebrate it. Nothing lasts, everything changes. Just let go. When I get attached to things (or situations such as toxic relationships) I’m only creating obstacles that make my life harder. I keep reminding myself to Let It Flow and Allow What Comes. I wish to see my life unfold with grace, just like a stream of water that flows naturally down the mountain. And most importantly, I want to enjoy the ride.


7) Happiness (to me) is…

  • Self upgrading. Learning a new skill or becoming better at doing something I love. Of course having a great meal or enjoying a good party are very happy moments, but the ultimate happiness for me is anything that helps me to become a better person. Conquering an old fear, or making a positive contribution to the world inspiring others to become better versions of themselves. That’s true happiness.


Lessons learned are not always easy to remember but I try to keep these in mind as my life guidelines.

I still don’t have the perfect job or the perfect family but I have a job I love and a healthy relationship.

Turning 30 has not been as painful as I feared. What I’ve learned has made my life richer in many ways and perfection is now a word to describe what Is and not what Should Be.



If you’re going through a time of transition, or you’d just like to have of moment of reflection about where you’re standing in life right now, check out this exercise.


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