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+ You’re feeling fed up with your life situation; or

+ You have a big decision to take and no-one to discuss it with; or

+ You’re just surviving, and you want to do more; or

+ You’re depressed, anxious, and don’t know how to move on; or

+ You feel stressed, overwhelmed, and without motivation;


+ Find the motivation to create a different reality;

+ Be more decisive about your life’s choices;

+ Use your full potential;

+ Start new habits that will get you out of the funk;

+ Feel clear, calm, and energised to keep moving towards your dreams;

There are moments in life when our head seems to be so full that we can’t think anymore. And the heart feels so heavy that we just want to lie down and cry or sleep ourselves away from reality.
I’ve been there, and I know how it feels like.


Those moments when you know something has got to change and you feel like you don’t have enough hands or the strength to find a direction, and you don’t know what to do next, that’s when having a good conversation can save your life.


Because if you’re not thriving, you’re not living the life you deserve to live.


Imagine how you would feel if you’d have someone supporting you in times of turbulence, and cheering for you to rock at being your best self?

Someone that would have nothing but your best interest in mind, and the expertise to give you the best kind of advice?

How would you feel like to be confident in your decisions and regain a new zest for life?

I want you to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be proud to say “I’m doing a great job”!

Larissa Davis

I feel so fortunate to have found Ana. Her formal education in psychology paired with her spiritual practice and beliefs make her unique in the field of personal growth and development. She provides guidance from a place of LOVE that is led by her right-brain intuition and informed by her left-brain training. She is a holistic guide/mentor/coach/therapist … and we need to come up with a new TITLE for what she offers because her exquisite combination of skills does not fit into anything out there! Thank you, Ana, for being with me at the start of my journey into ME 2.0!


Larissa Davis, USA – LarissaDavis.com


I’m a nature-lover with a healthy obsession for dream creation and life fulfillment. That’s why I decided to study to understand the nature of happiness and become a psychologist. After that, I dove even deeper into the underground works of the mind and consciousness and upgraded my level of nerdiness to study cognitive neuroscience.


My interest in yoga and meditation led me to spend a few months in India, traveling on my own, and experience first-hand a culture rooted in ancient spirituality. Back in Stockholm, Sweden, I taught yoga regularly for three years, which helped me to learn even more about the power of the body-mind connection.


Of the many therapeutic approaches that I’ve studied and practiced, I’d highlight CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), ACT (acceptance commitment therapy), and photography therapy, as the ones I find most interesting to work with.


Much of my motivation to study the mind comes from my personal history with anxiety and depression, and my raging desire to understand what it takes to live a meaningful, and fulfilling life. So that I can apply what I learn to my own experience, and at the same time help the world be a happier and more conscious place.

Ana Sofia Batista - coaching program page


  • twice per month, 60-75 minute coaching sessions with me on phone or Skype
  • twice per month, 15 min phone calls with me between sessions to keep you on track
  • unlimited emails / WhatsApp texts with me throughout the program
  • daily homework to strengthen your focus + prepare you for lasting inner + outer change
  • PDF worksheets that you can use again + again
  • weekly review of your progress + tips to help you move forwards


During this months, we’ll uncover what’s holding you back, and dig deeper to understand the why of your goals. We’ll work on mastering your mindset for success and create a routine that promotes your personal growth beyond the duration of the program.
If you’re ready to decide that it’s time to do something different, become a better version of yourself, and see your life change, let’s do it!


What if I need to take a break in the middle of the program?


That’s fine. If you need to take a break (because you’re going on a holiday, or you get sick, or something of the like), payments will run without interruption, but we can reschedule our calls according to what suits you best. You’ll have a window of until 3 months after the end of the program that you can use if you need to one of a few breaks.


Are you flexible with the booking times?


Although I recommend that we stick to a regular time, I’m very flexible with the booking schedule. I’m available to call in your time zone, and to reschedule a call to a more suiting time if for some reason our pre arranged appointment doesn’t work.


What if I regret signing up for it?


I’m pretty sure you won’t. But if for some crazy reason you feel like you’ve made a wrong decision to start working with me, I’ve got you covered. I’ll give you 100% of your money back, if you decide to cancel your purchase in the first 10 days, for any of the options; and 50% if you decide to cancel in the first 30 days, on the 3 and 6 months options.


What if I just don’t have time to do the work?


If you say that you don’t have 10 minutes per day to work on yourself, then it’s better that you don’t sign up. I want to work with people who understand that we don’t find time, we make it. And if you’re not ready to make time for yourself, and invest in creating a better life, then this is not the program for you.


What will happen after I get my application approved?

After you get approved, you’ll receive an email with some questions, a calendar to schedule our first session, and something for inspiration. (If you don’t receive an email, make sure to check your spam, junk, or promotions folder, it might be there)


At this point you have two options:

Option one: you continue to use free resources, read books, and try to figure it all out by yourself, doing the same things you’ve been doing, over and over again, and hoping that some day things will change. OR

Option two: you make the brave decision to ask for help and have a person on your side, trained and experience, who’s the only goal in mind is to see you thrive. Someone who will hold your hand through a significant, positive life transformation.


Rachel James

Ana’s advice and techniques have transformed my mindset completely. When we started working together, I had spent years unsuccessfully trying to adopt new habits, manage my time, and commit to my goals and passions, feeling like life (and my dreams) were passing me by. Through Ana’s guidance, I’ve become so much more self-aware, grateful, mindful, and definitely happy! I shifted from feeling stuck and in “escape mode” at my corporate job, whilst constantly distracted and stressed when spending time with my toddler, to gaining tremendous clarity over my goals (personal and business), making personal development a part of my daily routine, and finally managing my time effectively. Changes which I thought could only be accomplished with an enormous upheaval of my circumstances actually only took some subtle and consistent work, which continues to yield amazing results.

Ana’s work has been invaluable in helping me to step out of my own way, and allow myself to be truly happy right now – exactly as I am, whilst also feeling satisfied that I’m crafting and creating the future of my dreams.


Rachel James, UK – RachelJamesOnline.com/

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